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DMY ELEKTRIK OTOMASYON AYDINLATMA SAN. VE TIC. A.S. Visual System, Audio Visual System, Sensor Lighting, Lighting, Lighting Product, Video Telephony System, Fire Sensing Systems, Fire Detection System

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Alfamaks Electronics Inc. It was established in Turkey so far 'priority is quality and customer satisfaction continued to grow with the principle. our company still manufactures world class electronic devices in its factory which has modern technology in 5000 square meters area. Our company is exporting its products to many countries of the world with the principle of unconditional customer satisfaction. The products we produce are; -EN54 Addressable fire alarm systems -EN54 Conventional Fire Alarm Systems -CE standards Emergency Routing and Lighting Systems -CE standards nurse call systems - CE standards Sequential call systems With the goal of finding new customers all over the world, our company is working to increase the quality and variety of products.
It has been established in 2010 with a team of 6 people, and it has accomplished its successful works in many places both at local and abroad by targeting the understanding of quality service together with its new team members who have completed their education and continues to exist with the developing technology by adding a new one to its successes day by day.
Servolt Elektrik started its business life in 1993 with production of servo controlled regulators and transformers, and reached to a level with a team and equipment that has the capability of producing regulators in any power (from 1 kVA to 800 kVA) and with any property (Servo Controlled Regulator & Static Regulator and Regulator with Micro Processor), and established a fast service network. Along with the regulators and transformers, our company added the following products to its portfolio: UPS, UPS for Shutter, Full Maintenance-Free Accumulator, UPS for Central Heating Boiler, Regulator and Mobile Generator for Central Heating Boiler. Our company continues to serve the businesses with Servolt Elektrik assurance, sustainability, and product service understanding. Servolt Elektrik keeps customer satisfaction as top priority and applies appropriate solutions to the businesses and guarantees customer satisfaction by combining these applications with its interest and quality. Servolt Elektrik, expands its permanent and wide customer portfolio and new customer recruiting policy by combining it with brand new technology and its experiences. Servolt Elektrik continues to be side by side with its customers via providing demanded technical support or products with its current wide product portfolio and service network without giving any promises from its quality and service understanding for 23 years
Slaughterhouse: We design our systems and products to respect high standards of hygiene and industrial heavy working condition in all processing areas. For cooling carcass meat; instead of standard manufacturing and general cooling concept, we offer a new design and technology to have a long lasting and high quality meat. According to the general capacity of the slaughterhouse, we design and set up offal processing areas, machines and systems. Coolers: Cantek covers all type of cooling needs in the sector with a production range of 1700 Split and Central Systems. From the smallest cold room to freezing equipment, all refrigerating units are manufactured in our world-class production range. Panels: For more than 25 years, Cantek has been manufacturing cold room panels with all type of covering and thickness from 6cm to 20cm. Cantek is one of Turkey’s oldest panel manufacturer and its products have an excellent international recognition in terms of quality and price. Doors: Cantek provides a special design to its cold room doors with polyurethane insulated wings and frames. More than 350 models of cold room doors (sliding or hinged) meet the market needs. Shelves: Raftek is the segment manufacturing modular shelving systems for cold storage. Made with aluminium frame, plastic shelves are 35 and 45 cm. wide, up to 160 cm. long, can be produced in all sizes and our shelves are specially designed to meet the need for cold storage rack and became already an indispensable accessory of the small sized cold storage. Raftek shelving systems are exported to more than forty countries. LED Lighting Fixtures: Cantek is the first one to reveal that LED lighting fixtures should be used in the sector. But Cantek did not stop to give an idea but developed and has started manufacturing for 9 years. Cantek investment in LED, allows more competitive and efficient products. Cantek LED lighting fixtures are exported to 35 countries. Advanced Technology for Energy Saving and Electronic Control Systems: Cantek believed that one day all storage rooms will be monitored. 10 years ago, Cantek founded a R&D department to design electronic products to manage cold storage. In the time, the concept of monitoring was overpassed and replaced by a production of intelligent products and our department started offering innovative products to the world cold storage industry. Specialist of Food Storage Founded by mechanical engineer, Can Hakan Karaca in 1991 and moved forward by having become a brand since 1996, CANTEK is Turkey’s leading company bringing innovation to the cooling industry. CANTEK is engineering and technology conglomerate that has a manufacturing plant consisting of various ateliers connected with each other to work in harmony with the largest usable indoor area of its kind in Turkey. Being one of the leading companies of the Turkish cooling industry, CANTEK manufactures cooling devices, cold storage doors, shelves, Led lighting systems, cabins and panels within its facilities. The company provides its customers with all the necessary equipment for cold storage systems along with manufacturing equipment for slaughterhouse facilities. With its extensive network of services and experienced staff, CANTEK offers professional products and services globally CANTEK does not only keep abreast of all the new technologies through its expert engineers and technical team, but also has achieved innovations in numerous fields around the world through its R&D activities. CANTEK engineering tradition offers outstanding designs by using durability and functionality along with aesthetics and environment-friendly elements for the products. Company’s biggest contribution to the global cooling industry is Octosense, “Cooling Machine Smart Control System” “IRS-Intelligent Refrigeration System”. This control system, offered with the motto of “Use Your Energy Correctly”, has become a milestone in the cooling industry by providing energy sa
ENERSER Enerji Company is the producer of UPS and exporter of LV/MV/HV electrical materials such as UPS, Voltage Regulators, Power Rectifiers, Fuses, DC Power supply, Batteries, Rectifiers, Electric Cables, Transformers, Metal-enclosed switchgear, Panels, Lighting, etc… with a staff of engineers and technicians experienced in the sector since 1998. ENERSER Export department collects and exports products from the different sector (Electrical, Electronic, furniture, Construction, agriculture etc…) according to customer needs and specifications. Our aim is to develop our Sales and Services without sacrificing quality and to keep our customers satisfaction at the highest level.
Na-De Elektronik San. & Tic. A.S is one of the leaders in the Home Lighting System and Intercom system in Turkey and has been manufacturing numerous types of automation and communication products with the greatest pride for the domestic and international markets since 70’s. Na-De has now reached to 47 years of experience in automation and communication sector by increasing its knowledge in technology and in quality every passing year. The company manufactures and markets motion sensors, led sensorlight, led downlight, timelag switches , door openers, door bells, bell button panels, bell transformers, fire alarm systems and video&audio; door phones.
As Teknopan we supply and export electric panels, industrial electric materials, industrial electronic materials, wall type panels, vertical type panels, computer cabins, pc cabins, air conditioning accessories, automation systems, cables, lines, connectors, controllers, electronic housings, relay modules, electric panel, industrial electric material, industrial electronic material, wall type panel, vertical type panel, computer cabin, pc cabin, air conditioning accessory, automation system, cable, line, connector, controller, electronic housing, relay module, control buttons, emergency stop buttons, fieldbus connections, pedals, contact blocks, contact boxes, automations, circuit protections, electronics components, wiring devices, hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, flexible hoses, spiral hoses, fittings, wire ducts, connectors, flexible ducts, spiral sleevings, locks, gaskets, hinges, cable terminations, fasteners, fiber connections, pipe tools, electrical connection systems, holemaking tools, crimping dies, control button, emergency stop button, fieldbus connection, pedal, contact block, contact box, automation, circuit protection, electronics component, wiring device, hydraulic system... TEKNOPAN Co. Ltd. that takes its place among automation and electric market growing in Izmir in 2001 continues on its way for becoming one of the biggest names in the market with its sales and post-sale support services. TEKNOPAN that aims to keep its career in the market at the highest level in order to inform you about the developments by following the developments closely and provide necessary technical support continues its works with the happiness of being able to give an excellent service to you with training programs both in house and out house. Our Mission Teknopan proceeds on the path of becoming a leader company in the sector with its mission in the industry and trained staff that has high vision as well as with its high, comfortable, modern technological products which know the responsibilities of the work done. Our Vision Being a captain company in the industry that constantly improves in the sector by creating new opportunities and offers innovative products. Our main vision is, with our staffs that are open to technological development, trained, expert and innovative, to provide service with an approach that proposes solution rather than creating problem without causing the companies we work with to lose time.
Our company which started its activities in the year 1988 presents technology, automation and energy production and saving solutions on the areas need by the world and by our country with its 180 specialized personnel on 28.000 square meters area in total as 11.000 m2 is closed at present. ENDUSTRIYEL (Industrial) which exports 65% of its production reached totally sixty one (61) countries until today and started producing some very successful works and solutions in its own sector by means of exceeding the boundaries of our country.